International scientific association “Prospero”

“Prospero” is an international scientific journal that will be indexed in the RSCI for physical, mathematical and technical sciences. The journal is an electronic edition of relevant and reliable scientific publications that are subject to peer review and verification. Russian and foreign scientists are invited to publish an article in the journal. “Prospero” is an opportunity to share experience and best practice with the world scientific community, to get access to previously published articles.

An international scientific journal publishes articles on physical, mathematical and technical sciences. Starting in 2020, all publications have full set of required meta tags, which provide search engines with additional information and increase the ability of other scientists to search and process the article published by the author. In turn, the accessibility of the work to colleagues makes it possible to increase its citation rate, which has a positive effect on the author’s image and rating. In addition, the journal will be indexed in the RSCI and is taking the necessary measures to enter Scopus and other world scientometric databases.

The international scientific monthly journal “Prospero” invites you to publish the results of scientific research of experienced and novice scientists, graduate students and applicants, teachers and leading experts in the field of technical and physical and mathematical sciences. All submitted articles are subject to peer review and verification in order to create a high-quality collection of scientific papers. The journal has been successfully working since 2014, all previously published editions are freely available in the archive. “Prospero” is published under the supervision of Global Journals, which provides full control over the quality of the material accepted for publication.

The international journal “Prospero” is actively working towards expanding the author’s and readers’ audience, providing the publication of reliable data that can be useful for scientists and future specialists. It also helps authors to publish their work quickly and successfully.